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The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast that covers science, space exploration, UFOs and SETI, archaeology, A.I. and the mysteries of our universe. The show features commentary and interviews with guests that include authors, researchers, and science educators from a variety of different fields, and takes a critically minded approach to the study of our universe. For more information about Micah Hanks, you can visit his website here. 


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Mar 24, 2020

On this edition of The Micah Hanks Program, after news and listener emails pertaining to strange things in our skies, we have an odd question about pandemics in mind: how are outbreaks like UFO flaps, and why do some similarities exist between the two?

To look at these questions, and how science applies to...

Mar 18, 2020

For centuries, there have been stories about large, manlike animals in the Pacific Northwest and other remote parts of America. The creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot has long been searched for, but meager physical evidence has left its existence in question. Hence, many skeptics and advocates alike have...

Mar 11, 2020

In 1977, panic had struck the northern coast of Brazil. Many residents on the island of Colares and nearby locales like Belém were reporting nighttime observations of strange lights in the sky, which often cast bright beams of light toward individuals that left burns, unusual markings, and other physical effects. 


Mar 3, 2020

This week, biologists are excited about what might be a unique protein found inside an ancient meteorite, which could have tremendous implications not just for alien life, but also raises questions about the origins of life here on Earth. Astronomers have also located what is believed to be evidence for the...

Feb 26, 2020

This week, we lead off with news about artificial intelligence, and the passing of an influential NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson, before turning our attention to Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force study of UFOs, and its scientific consultant J. Allen Hynek. 

During the early years of the Air Force’s UFO...