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The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast that covers science, space exploration, UFOs and SETI, archaeology, A.I. and the mysteries of our universe. The show features commentary and interviews with guests that include authors, researchers, and science educators from a variety of different fields, and takes a critically minded approach to the study of our universe. For more information about Micah Hanks, you can visit his website here. 


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Sep 20, 2022

In September 1951, a radar facility along the New Jersey coast began to detect fast moving, unidentified aircraft traveling at high altitudes. Less than a half hour later, a pair of military aircraft flying nearby observed an odd, disc-shaped object which, after they began chasing it, quickly evaded them and flew out to sea. 

The incident at Fort Monmouth was dismissed by the U.S. Air Force's Project Grudge, the immediate predecessor to Project Blue Book, as having been due to operator error on part of the staff at the radar facility, and a balloon observed by the two pilots. However, a deeper investigation reveals otherwise about a case that, ultimately, caused a "system reset" for the USAF's UFO investigations. We look at this controversial case, and its historical implications in UFO studies, on this episode of The Micah Hanks Program.

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