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The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast that covers science, space exploration, UFOs and SETI, archaeology, A.I. and the mysteries of our universe. The show features commentary and interviews with guests that include authors, researchers, and science educators from a variety of different fields, and takes a critically minded approach to the study of our universe. For more information about Micah Hanks, you can visit his website here. 


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Sep 29, 2020

Some have called it the “ultimate” Cold War-era urban legend. It is a story of two space programs: but rather than those of Soviet Russia and the United States, this tale involves the theory that apart from Russia’s “public” program, there was much that it also kept hidden away in the world of black projects.

During the early years of the Space Race, a pair of Italian brothers began to intercept strange transmissions from within a makeshift command center outside Turin, Italy, where they claimed to have recorded evidence of Soviet space missions that went horribly wrong. If true, such claims could shed new light on the hidden history of space exploration, and the grim lengths that some were willing to go to, which might have included Russian cosmonauts who went into space... and never came back.

Were secret space missions carried out by the USSR that led to cosmonauts being lost in space? This week, we go in search of answers to the secrets of the Soviet space program.

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