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The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast that covers science, space exploration, UFOs and SETI, archaeology, A.I. and the mysteries of our universe. The show features commentary and interviews with guests that include authors, researchers, and science educators from a variety of different fields, and takes a critically minded approach to the study of our universe. For more information about Micah Hanks, you can visit his website here. 


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Jun 30, 2020

“The [Senate Intelligence] Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S....

Jun 23, 2020

What are UFOs, and what constitutes actual UFO study? While the term "UFOlogy" is commonly used for modern UFO research, there is very little science involved in the majority of the study of this once-taboo subject. Is there a path toward a more unified effort in studying and, perhaps, solving this mystery? 


Jun 17, 2020

Recently, astronomers have begun to notice something odd about a long-standing space mystery: the curious fast radio bursts (or FRBs) that were first discovered back in 2007. In recent weeks, the FRBs appear to be firing off light pulses on a schedule... but what could that mean?

This week, after news and the...

Jun 10, 2020

Mysterious sounds of unexplained origin have been documented in places all around the world. Such noises are often likened to thunder-like “booms” or explosions, and although a number of suggestions have been made as to what their causes may be, no conclusive determinations have been made. What are the...

Jun 3, 2020

What are UFOs? Is there more than one answer to this question, and does new information forthcoming on the subject in recent years, which includes videos of unidentified objects or aircraft obtained by the Navy, change the fact that the UFO subject bears qualities of "mythic" proportions? 

After news about the exciting...