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The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast that covers science, space exploration, UFOs and SETI, archaeology, A.I. and the mysteries of our universe. The show features commentary and interviews with guests that include authors, researchers, and science educators from a variety of different fields, and takes a critically minded approach to the study of our universe. For more information about Micah Hanks, you can visit his website here. 


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Nov 30, 2021

In recent days, we have learned of the establishment of a new UAP investigative group within the United States Department of Defense, called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). While the DoD move has been met with some controversy, it does signal that for the first time since the end of the USAF Project Blue Book in the 1960s, UFOs are being taken seriously enough to establish a government entity to investigate them. 

However, in 1978 one man felt that the UFO issue deserved international attention, which led him to bring the issue before the United Nations. This week, we revisit the presentation of the UFO issue before the United Nations in 1978 with writer, reporter and broadcaster Lee Speigel, who played an integral role in the only UFO presentation brought before the UN to date... but will it be the last? We explore this and other questions this week on The Micah Hanks Program. 

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